People have asked me, why do you travel to places where life has such challenges? Because, I answer, “I love it and I want to capture where I am with care and respect.” I find beauty, excitement and lessons about life no matter where I am. As I have traveled to locations where war or disaster have struck, such as Haiti and Iraq, it is not all tragedy. It is amazing to see the best that man has to offer in times of critical need. People come together to help, as survival hangs in the balance.

Gracia with tents

I feel very alive when I am able to capture life in motion and that means people. My camera is my immediate passport to the world and all cultures. People appreciate seeing someone take the time and interest to capture the environment they live in and have regard for the people who live there. I have made many friends throughout the world with my camera, even though I may not speak a word of their language.  I consider myself very fortunate to have these opportunities.

Gracia handfeeding tiger cub
Gracia Bennish Photojournalist
Gracia with camera and kids
Gracia in Cuba
Gracia with Cops